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“To persuade our elected representatives to work together to further the
best economic interests of our nation with transparency and accountability”
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Excerpts from the Book
"Once they’re all back in Washington, what happens? It’s business as usual, of course! All those passionate and eloquent campaign promises to change Washington conveniently and magically seem to evaporate. Very little gets accomplished and all we hear is the blame game and the usual political blah-blah-blah. Nothing changes." "There is a large group of people – our children – who are never invited to the political negotiating table and consequently have absolutely no input regarding the future condition of the country they are destined to inherit. They are the “missing stakeholders” and we need to change this."

"Even though most polls conducted in the past few decades have given Congress significantly unfavorable ratings, we continue to reelect the very same people we complain about.
In every election since 1964, we have re-elected at least 85% of incumbent Congressman!!!
In every election since 1988, we have re-elected at least 79% of incumbent Senators!!!
Now that’s what I call job security!"
TOTAL NATIONAL DEBT = national debt
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